Who We Are

Apple Valley Creamery is a small dairy farm and creamery located in East Berlin, Pennsylvania.  This sixth-generation farm has been in the Stoner family since 1928.  Hard work and perseverance led to the growth of the farm and the establishment of Apple Valley Creamery in 2005.  We are dedicated to being good stewards of the resources God has given to us so that we can pass our family farm on to future generations.  Apple Valley Creamery is currently owned and operated by Larry & Sharon Stoner and their family.

What We Do

Apple Valley Creamery is here to connect you and your family to our family farm.  We are dedicated to producing all-natural, premium dairy products and beef.  We have a large selection of milk in returnable glass bottles, which can be purchased at our farm store, through home delivery, or at local markets and stores.  We also sell products from many other local farms and businesses.

Our Promise to You

Our wholesome products are the result of our passion to provide only the best for our cows.  We are independently certified by the "Animal Welfare Approved" program.  Consumer Reports state, "Animal Welfare Approved is a highly meaningful label, backed by the standards that are strong, verifiable, and comprehensive in addressing animal welfare for farm animals."  In addition, Apple Valley Creamery only plants and feeds non-genetically modified crops.


We are your trusted farmers, committed to getting fresh food to your door.


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